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We help you grow your Business

Your hotel is underperforming or distressed, and results need to be quickly turned around? Or you need to increase the sales of your property by identifying and contracting new business opportunities? You need to develop your online sales? You need extra manpower to help you develop your market? You need to temporary replace your Sales & Marketing Manager? You are looking at diversifying your sources of business?  HorecAssist is the hotel Business Strategies specialist, ready to help you Grow your Business.

We are an innovative and unconventional force of change in the hotel and hospitality industry. A dynamic consulting firm which does not follow the path of a traditional hotel management and consulting company.

With a strong business development background and creative strategic approach, we have built up a solid track record in turning distressed hotel properties into profit making properties.

For every partner hotel, we develop a tailor-made Strategy Plan, repositioning the property more effectively on its marketplace. We focus on the unique selling points of the property to increase overall performance. 

We will boost your Direct and Indirect Channels to ensure your property business mix is solid and healthy.  We will renegotiate the contracts with your business partners to ensure the agreement is benefiting your property.  We will help you and your team to identify new business opportunities.

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